We are pleased to offer the following services and much more. If there is anything that is not listed that you require then please contact us.

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Computer CPU Fan


We have the latest diagnostic software to detect faults.


We can tackle most problems and repairs subject to parts still being available.


Our charges are very reasonable.

Computers Built To Your Specification

Computer Tower and Monitor


Are you looking for a new computer or laptop but frustrated with the vast selection on offer and confused with the terminology.

Let us guide and help you with this process.

We can source you a ready built Computer or Laptop or build a Computer to your exact specification and price.

Health Checks & Cleanups 

Laptop and Stethascope


Over time your Computer or Laptop will slow down. Eventually it will benefit from a good cleanup.

We can remove all those left over temporary files, uninstall any unwanted software and defragment the hard drive..


Sometimes a fresh clean installation of the operating system is better.

Software Installations & Upgrades

DVD Discs

We can advise and assist you with any software issues, whether it is a new operating system or just word processing.


Is your Computer or Laptop taking a long time to boot into Windows.


Then consider changing that old hard drive for a new Solid State Drive and see the increase in performance and boot up time.   

Data Recovery

Inside HDD

Your hard drive has failed and you have all those cherished photographs and videos on there, You created regular backups though.... didn't you?


Well all is not lost as  we have data recovery software that more often than not can retrieve those lost or deleted images. 

Remote Support

World Globe Laptops Networked

We offer remote support from our computer direct to your computer enabling us to assist in resolving any problems that you may have.  

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions